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The Car Doctor show is produced LIVE on Saturdays, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. ET. It is available via the Westwood One (formerly Cumulus) XDS receiver. Our XDS program title is:  TMN – Car Doctor Show

Since the XDS receiver can “store and forward” programming, you can air Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ whenever it makes sense in your programming schedule. Your listeners can call in at any time, as Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ maintains a 24/7 listener call-in number. For listeners who call in after the live show, we’ll often make arrangements to call them back the following week when the show is being produced live, to get them on the air with Ron.

Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ can be fully automated, as netcue relays are provided for rejoin liners, and to signal the start of a network break (to allow your station to send your internet stream to break) and for your local commercial breaks.

As an alternate delivery method, FTP access to Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ show files, can be provided for those stations that do not have a satellite dish and Westwood One XDS receiver.

Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ is available on a market exclusive basis… so if your competitor signs up before you do… then you’ll have to settle for a less entertaining car show. So don’t wait!

For information on how to become a Ron Ananian The Car Doctor™ radio affiliate, please visit Talk Media Network’s website, or call TMN at: (616) 884-8616

the car doctor show host ron ananian with station affiliates

The local affiliate crew from WRCR AM 1700. From left: Tom Ray, Kerry Potter-Kotecki, Ron Ananian and Steve Possell.

Technical Details

XDS Show Clock + Technical Info

The Car Doctor Show’s program clock includes all the tech info needed to automate the show. Download Show Clock

Program Contacts

Chief Engineer

Tom Ray Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting (845) 418-5065 tomray@cardoctorshow.com

Radio Syndication

Talk Media Network Josh Leng, CEO Willis Damalt, Affiliate Relations willis@talkmedianetwork.com (616) 884-8616 talkmedianetwork.com

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